EvoMap Online Companion


Below we present an interactive online tool that accompanies our paper:

Matthe, Maximilian / Ringel, Daniel M. / Skiera, Bernd (2023), "Mapping Market Structure Evolution". Marketing Science, Vol. 42, Issue 3, 589-613.[Read the paper]

EvoMap is a novel dynamic mapping framework that derives evolving spatial representations (maps) from longitudinal relationship data.

The tool below allows to explore such evolving maps interactively in a browser.
Note that this tool is still under active development. If you have questions, or want to use this tool for your own research, get in touch!


The market map below displays the evolution of product market competition among publicly listed firms.

The map is based on the TNIC data and EvoMap implemented for t-distributed stochastic neighborhood embedding (t-SNE).
For more details on how we generated this map, see the empirical application in our paper!

If you want to learn more, or want to apply EvoMap to your own data, read the docs and check out our Python package on GitHub.

Interactive Dynamic Market Map


  • Use the controls above the map to select individual firms, clusters or limit the number of firms shown.
  • Use the 'highlight firms' selector to reveal how individual firms have changed their position relative to another.
  • Alternatively, click on any firm you are interested in. Use the 'play' button, or drag the time slider, and let the market evolve. Use the mouse-wheel to zoom-in or -out.


Each bubble on the map represents a single firm.

Pairs of strong product market competitors appear close, whereas weak product market competitors appear more distant.

Each firm-bubble is colored according to the sub-market to which it belongs (Sub-markets identified by applying Louvain Community Detection to the TNIC data prior to mapping).